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could use a little-- >> just to back up, this is real. >> it's real. >> and that's it for this week's edition of the journal, editorial report. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot and hope to see you all here next week. . >> jon: on fox news watch, chaos and turmoil in the streets as protesters in egypt demand a change in leadership. the violence and unrest get the media's attention and the press becomes part of the story. enduring attacks and threats and blackouts. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> news corps and apple launched the bailey, a slick production for the i-pad. is this the future of media. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit by
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opponent's youth and inexperience. >> a centennial celebration, america marks the 100th birthday of ronald reagan, and the media make liberties with his legacy? >> come on everyone. >> and super bowl weekend is here and with it the crazy media circus. >> jon: on the panel this week, judy miller. syndicated columnist, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, yellow new american foundation and fox radio host alan colmes, i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> got back from-- there were a dozen going like this and a man in a police uniform, about as angry as i've ever seen anybody in my life. looking me in the eye screaming couldn't control himself and that the media bias and coverage, he thought the coverage was so biased
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against president mubarak and said so help me god, i will cut off your head like this, and all around saying cut head now, cut head now and it was terrifying and we really, really thought we were finished. >> jon: that's abc news producer brian hartman telling he and his krou on hijacked on the way to the airport. and it's a case where media haven't become not the biggest, but a big part of the story. >> president mubarak understands it's important to get the media out of the story. he does not want the media telling the story of the protesters and it's real ugly med media. >> jon: so what should-- the united states has not been particularly pressing against mubarak. the president obama said, you know, we've asked him to start the process now, but he's ordering attacks on
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journalists? >> well, i mean, look the united states is two fundamentally different positions on foreign policy and the media are struggling to explain this. on the one hand we support human rights and freedoms, on the other hand he we support allies and now, this is a case where our allies doesn't support human rights and the opposite. he's threatening to murder reporters and threatening hero reporters from my mind greg palkot and anderson cooper and others, and so what is the united states supposed to do? nobody, including the obama administration obviously knows. >> jon: in part, is it more than just-- is it more than just coincidence, alan, that all of these journalists suddenly find themselves under attack? >> of course not. this is finally the mubarak regime trying to exert authority and realizing it's losing the battle and it's closing the barn doors after the proverbial chickens have left and it's already been organized by the social media. regardless what happens to the
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mainstream media the social story will get out and overcome by the eyes of the world watching. >> jon, i think you have an old model as rich wrote on mullings this week. the networks ought to be pooling the stuff. the same demonstrations and no different pictures and getting the same things. what the networks could be doing, one up each other on the death of real good analysis. one of the problems with this is that the networks, especially, increasingly newspapers have shut down foreign bureaus. we don't report enough foreign news anymore because we think it's boring, it doesn't sell, doesn't bring in the advertisers, we only cover it when something like this explodes and i think that's a disservice to our viewers. >> but i also think that it's so dramatic, that the drama in the streets plays against giving the time that he normally gets. people want to see these pictures and they want to see
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what's going on. >> and we could have the screen like we have now. have this and the pictures at the same time. >> want to let our viewers know that greg palkot, our fox news correspondent who came under attack was badly beaten in cairo along with his cameraman and they have posted greg's firsthand account on and you can read it there if you want. you've got reporters sitening hotel rooms, sometimes quite a ways away from what's going on a and-- they said we're going to confiscate the camera and the power and how down about the reporting. >> the reporter saying i hear gunshots behind me, so, i guess they're gunshots. it is a little strange, it's not much stranger of course than reporters having to go out and stand in the snow and prove it's a snowstorm or a hurricane getting blown side ways from the trees. and i think, you know, we should say judy miller was a former bureau chief of the cairo bureau of the new york
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times, so there's a value in being there only if you're only talking to the busboys or room service person. >> there really is and there's been some amazing reporting this week. news week did a pic talk on how this event caught the obama administration completely by surprise and how they've been scrambling to catch up with the news and formulate their policy. >> and hold on, judy, david axlerod said we've been on top of this all along. >> and i've got a bridge in cairo i want to sell you. >> and use this international tragedy to beat up the obama administration, which it turns out knew about this, knew there was unrest in egypt and i think they handled it beautifully and it's a shame that we're using this to play partisan politics in this country. >> jon: well, president obama has taken heat in the press for not taking a firmer stand and not appearing in front of the media, really, about this whole thing. robert gibbs, his spokesman, was asked about that. take a listen and i'll let you
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respond now. >> we've not had a chance to ask president obama any crisis since this crisis began. there have been at least a couple of nation that is could have been open to-- and can you explain why we haven't been able to talk to them. >> we have, and as you've watched events and heard from the president in what's happened in egypt. we'll continue to keep you up-to-date as best we can on what goes on, knowing quite honestly that some things in foreign policy have to be done away from, away from tv cameras. >> and it's true. some parts of this have been away from the tv cameras and this is something with the rapidly changing event and you have an administration i think rightfully needed to come off as neutral as first and didn't need to take sides, shouldn't have been taking sides. if we're a broker for peace, could have filled that role by not being partisan by one side or the other and clearly the
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move is by demonstrators or could at this point. there have been a number of good reports and contrasting the president's efforts and going to cairo and making the speech that was supposed to molify, at least marginalize, and reach out the them, that sort of thing and the clear failure of his reaching out. >> and the people in the streets are crazy. >> i think a lot of them are. >> the people that fight democracy and-- >> only one faction. >> and democracy in the middle east. >> that's only one faction and you're not really accurately representing because they hit the streets. >> what about the role of social media here, things like facebook. >> it's been absolutely critical and we wouldn't know what we know about the event without facebook and twitter and i think we've had-- look, there are two sides to this and we haven't heard from the 82 million other egyptians who happen not to be in the cairo. >> those people who love mubarak and want to have-- >> and many people want to
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live in a stable he society where they can go out and buy groceries and come home and no they're not going to-- >> and do it in a democracy. >> someone said there's nothing more democratic than a lynch mob and we he don't know what we're seeing now. >> time for a break, but first, if you want to keep up on the media stories of the week, check out our website, and watch list sections and then go behind the scenes and you can listen to the discussions we have in here during our break and always interesting. up next, a new era for journalism, just kicked off this week. >> i'm pleased to welcome you to the launch of the daily. >> newscorp's big boss makes history when looking forward to the media's future. the daily is here and now how will things change? and america celebrates ronald reagan's 100th birthday. is the press attending the party? find out next on news watch. ñ]?ú?9.únñ@n÷ñ?hw@cçbú%?ñç pumpkin pie!
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>> the magic of news and-- lies in serendipity and surprise and the good editor. we're going to bring that magic to the daily to inform people to make themty, to make them smile, and to help them engage in the great issues of the day. >> we think there's going to be a giant audience for tablet computing. there are by the end of next year, we could see 60 million of the devices in the marketplace, five years from now, nationally known and we he really think there's a giant market and we're the news button in the tablet computer and i-pad. as the market grows, we'll grow with it. >> from the first day we met with rupert and his team and shared the vision for the daily we knew they were going
2:44 pm
to redefine the news business. >> and the first of its kind, really, a daily publication for the i-pad, something which could affect how you gets your news in the future. it's of course, owned by news corporation, the parent company of fox news channel. in the harry potter movies, they have moving pictures all done digitally special effects. here you have it essentially in an electronic newspaper. is that the future? >> do you get a free subscription to that? >> my i-pad. >> it's certainly part of the future. it's probably going to be a big part of the future and the pictures are buffalo, content seems good, but here is my concern and my hope is that apple and newscorp will invest a number of people they need to put out something like this, but, boy, produce this kind of content and analysis takes an arc of people. >> it's a buyer's market. one must say that over the
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decades rue pursuant murdoch has taken major, major gambles. in the '70s, the times of london. in the '80s, broadcast network. in the '90s the fox news channel and 00's bought the wall street journal. for the teams this is a major bid and people who despise fox or the news corporation or for ideological reasons or rivalry reasons, wants the-- >> this is the coolest thing since the introduction of television. this is where everything is headed and the key though is whether it can be mon adverti-- monetari monetarized, but will the advertisers come over, debated at the tribune in chicago now. how do you get the advertisers, if he can do that. >> and a yearly subscription is cheaper. >> i predict that this show will eventually be on one of those.
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>> i look better that way. >> you're right i was going to say with judy, can it be monetarized, and the question is can they make money at it or get the same contentles where and people not wanting to pay the 99 cents. >> one metric, the stock with news corporation, i looked it up 17 on wednesday, and this morning 18 1/2, 2.5 billion dollar bump in the stock price, which is monthization phenomenon. 80-1 return. >> i don't think you'll cash in right away. >> jon: it's time for another break. help us keep an eye out for media bias. send us what you found at news media madness in full gear at the big game. >> are you a cheddar man or a swiss man? the super bowl weekend is here and so is the media circus. hence, the hype over shadows
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to national game. >> when i saw the doctors, i hope they're all republicans. >> it's the gipper's 100th birthday. details next on news watch. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t.
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>> sunday marks the 100th birthday of ronald reagan, a man who held any role as his biggest, obviously, our 40th president. bret mozzel of the research center says that the media never loved reagan. >> well, i think they liked his personality and charm, look, when he was president, a lot of the people doing supplements now for newspapers portraying him as a great icon and a great american, they blame the parades and for
2:51 pm
racism, for homelessness and poverty and deficit. they doesn't care about obama's deficit approaching 14 trillion, but the raggen deficit was immoral and illegal. >> let's be clear, i like to like mozzel. >> and saying about ronald reagan. >> first of all i would have liked him as much, but the pew research center is a conservative watch dog group looking at so-called media bias. >> unlike fair and balanced. >> let's be clear about what they are and ronald reagan has become iconic. i don't think anybody is blasting the effect he's had. whether you agree or disagree, probably wouldn't fight in today's republican party. >> half the media tarnished his presidency. >> they did their best, but now they say theys' past tense, if we all praez him he won't seem like abraham lincoln or teddy roosevelt. nobody knew what party they were. and the media center they put together a great package on this. i remember, i was there in the
2:52 pm
'80en and '84 campaigns in the white house and the media clobbered him. and might have liked him personally, but barely knew that by the way they treated him him back then. >> jon: and the media talks about president obama's reaganesque address. >> and what icon ronald reagan has become for both conservatives and obama wants to wrap himself in the aura of reagan. >> and reagan compared to palin's little video and-- >> i knew ronald reagan, he was a friend of mine and obama is no ronald reagan. >> no president much likes the press, but what would president reagan thought about the press today? >> well, the beauty of reagan. he wouldn't have cared. he said i'm president i'm communicating with the american people and they can do what they want. the and. >> he was able to go over the head of the media before cabling news and talk-- >> and his photo op of the day.
2:53 pm
you couldn't ask any questions, he did the photo op of the day. >> you could ask. >> you're right, you could ask the question and then hear the ocean. >> who can forget sam donaldson on the white house the beat. and an exclusive interview with james baker gives a personal account of the time spent with ronald reagan. and you will see that tomorrow. >> moving on, the daily telegraph published a story which got an awful lot of attention this week. fbi and the 9/11 gang that got away. according to secret u.s. documents leaked by, you guessed it, wikileaks, wikileaks, this thing just keeps on giving, but apparently, as recently as last year, the fbi was hunting for some 9/11 conspirators who haven't been located? >> well, that was according to the cable which may or may not be accurate. once reporters started dissecting that story in the cable. many questions were raised.
2:54 pm
did the fbi screw up, did the cable writers get it wrong. i asked the head of the commission said they really didn't have any information about that, but it just shows, to me, why wasn't that story front page. >> isn't it showing that wikileaks is doing the story that journalists should be doing. >> yes, but did others put it on the front page, why not? because we're stretched so thin and people hardly know it's amazing. >> and bias against wikileaks and didn't want to pick up with wikileaks is doing. >> and kudos to the u.k. telegraph, doing a terrific job on this whole terrorism business and they often break stories about america from london before we do. >> how did the press miss this, if it is in fact, a real story. >> it's one of the things the conspiracy theorists forever. >> they'll believe that the 9/11 commission covered up and bush administration covered up and obama administration covered up and who is to say they're wrong. >> jon: one more break, whether alan likes it or not. when we come back the media et
2:55 pm
is the up camp at the super bowl. the super bowl, judy. >> steelers, packers and the press. the super bowl has arrived, along with the media circus. that next on news watch. [ phones ping, buzz ] [ laughs ] that's so dumb. [ laughter ] nice. [ male announcer ] don't be left behind. at&t. the nation's fastest mobile broadband network ... everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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this is much anticipated game. two great quarterbacks and all the tradition the national fan base for both teams. think it left hand the biggest superbowl. >> tony dungy down in dallas and thousands of members of the media, arlington, there is a whole day devoted for the media to ask tough questions before the big game. here is natalie. >> you are a shutter man or swiss zblan cheddar man.
2:59 pm
definitely. >> so is cheese hat american and cheddar can you be any kind of cheese? >> you can be any kind you want. >> i have dig deeper with rodgers. >> i can't grow a full period. it's kind of patchy and i have a two game beard on game day. >> and the steelers. >> you might have the best facial hair going. >> it's really not that. i condition it. it's actually pretty soft. >> what about the hair cut? >> it can be like a warriors hair cut. >> some people call it a mullet and what the helmet. what is up with that? >> i don't know. >> jon: there you g

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